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Our Values

ITC Vegas

Our Values

What we’re doing to make our event (and planet) a little greener and give back to the local community.

Ways you can be greener while attending ITC Vegas

Do you want to help make ITC Vegas more sustainable? Join us in our sustainability efforts by taking some (or all!) of the following actions:

  • In 2024, we will eliminate single use plastic bottles. Courtesy of CAPE Analytics, all attendees will be provided a reusable water bottle that can be used at our filtered, water stations. 
  • Walk, share a taxi, or take the Las Vegas monorail
  • Separate your waste thoughtfully and use the correct bins throughout the venue
  • Calculate and offset your carbon emissions during your travel

Ways we are making our event greener

ITC Vegas has partnered with MGM Resorts, Mandalay Bay’s parent company, which takes sustainability and social responsibility seriously. Here are just a few examples of MGM’s commitment to green efforts.

Mandalay Bay

Courtesy: Mandalay Bay

Reducing climate change with America’s largest rooftop solar panels

Mandalay Bay is one of the most extensive meeting facilities on The Las Vegas Strip and in the United States. With approximately 4,700 rooms (including Four Seasons and Delano hotels) and millions of square feet of convention space, energy requirements are immense.

Recognizing the link between energy use and climate change, the Mandalay Bay installed America’s largest contiguous rooftop solar panels, a 26-acre, 8.3MW solar array which sits atop the convention center.

The property also benefits from MGM Resorts’ continued work on sourcing more renewable energy. The 100MW Mega Solar Panel just north of the Las Vegas Strip can produce 90% of the daytime power needs of MGM Resorts’ entire Las Vegas portfolio and has contributed to the decarbonization of Mandalay Bay.

Water Conservation

Being in the desert destination of Las Vegas, water conservation is a focus at Mandalay Bay.

Nearly every gallon of water used inside Mandalay Bay – from spas and kitchens to guest rooms and restrooms – is treated and returned to the source. Rather than consuming water inside Mandalay Bay, it is borrowed and returned.

Initiatives at Mandalay Bay include water-saving toilets, drought-tolerant and native landscaping, and a Linen Reuse program. The Linen Reuse program has reduced our annual water usage by more than 100 million gallons – enough to fill Shark Reef Aquarium almost 63 times

Mandalay Bay

Courtesy: Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay

Courtesy: Mandalay Bay

Materials + waste management

The scale of Mandalay Bay requires large volumes of materials – from food and beverage to building materials for renovations. With significant resources comes large volumes of waste. At Mandalay Bay, and all MGM Resorts properties, an extensive material diversion program is a primary focus.

Mandalay Bay captures and diverts over 30 materials from landfills. This includes common materials such as glass, metal, plastics, and nontraditional items such as hangers, towels, and oysters. An onsite recycling manager oversees the recycling program, maximizing the diversion rate and progress on Material & Waste goals at Mandalay Bay.

Energy conservation programs

Between 2012 and 2017, energy efficiency investments reduced electricity per square foot by 3.5%, a saving equivalent to the average annual consumption of nearly 600 U.S. homes.

MGM accomplished this through continuous work to make Mandalay Bay function more efficiently as a sustainable hotel, such as:

  • More than 250,000 incandescent light bulbs throughout the resort have been changed to LED alternatives. This change resulted in significant energy savings for Mandalay Bay.
  • Guest Room Attendants are trained to close the drapes and set the thermostat to 72 degrees before leaving the room. This decreases energy use and helps keep the room cool.

Mandalay Bay

Courtesy: Mandalay Bay

Splashes of Hope

Courtesy: Splashes of Hope

ITC Vegas Gives Back

ITC Vegas is partnering with Splashes of Hope at our 2024 event. All our guests are welcome to join the professional artists from Splashes who will lead participants to paint two large scale murals to be professionally finished and permanently installed in a local medical facility or hospital.

This partnership is our main initiative for ITC Cares – a giveback program to the community where we hold our event(s).

Splashes of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming medical and social service centers into welcoming, positive environments, bringing them from clinical to colorful!