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2024 Agenda

ITC Vegas


Lunch Workshop: Rethinking Consumer Experiences: Moments of Truth Across the Claims Journey Presented by CCC Intelligent Solutions

October 16, 2024
Lunch Workshop

The auto insurance industry plays a crucial role in getting people back on the road in the aftermath of an accident. The process of restoring the customer to wholeness involves an intricate web of insurers, repair facilities, tow, rental, salvage, lenders, and other providers, each navigating their own unique goals.  
Today, these industries are largely disconnected, with unique cost centers and customer satisfaction metrics. New research findings from a study commissioned by CCC Intelligent Solutions suggest customers view carriers and repairers as two heads of the same coin, where the lines are blurred when it comes to service delivery. 
CCC's Chief Commercial & Customer Success Officer Mike Silva joins leaders from the claims and repair industries to discuss the Moments of Truth research, uncovering key variables driving customer satisfaction and carrier retention across the end-to-end journey. Together, they will discuss the implications and provide actionable insights to help insurers chart a path to a more unified vision. 
Some of the questions this session will address: 
Is customer satisfaction predictive of carrier retention? 
Are there interdependencies between carriers and repairers that impact customer satisfaction across the claims journey? What are they? 
Are there blind spots influencing carrier satisfaction scores? What are they? 
What are the moments carriers must get right to win customers and keep them from switching? 
What are the business implications of a disjointed claims and repair experience?