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2023 Playback - Lunch Workshops

ITC Vegas

November 01, 2023

Lunch Workshop: A Seismic Shift: How Intelligence and AI are Supercharging the Claims Process to Unlock Dynamic New Experiences Presented by CCC Intelligent Solutions

While claims digitization has been in the works for years, a consistent, fully optimized automotive claims process has been elusive. However, the future is not just about speed. Or lower LAE. Or simplification. It's about AI-driven intelligence creating a holistic claims experience that's able to both navigate insurer specifications and deliver empathy to policyholders in the moments that matter most. It's not easy, says CCC's Chief Commercial Customer Success Officer Mike Silva. Silva will lead a discussion on the next evolution of straight-through strategy and how claims organizations can approach this new generation of technology to optimize the claims process, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. ' The What: Stronger, broader, faster automation that is smart enough to treat each claim as unique - balancing simple and complex tasks, straight-through opportunities and the need for human expertise, plus accommodate an open partner ecosystem and multi-source data, all according to individual insurer preferences. ' The Who: More intelligence impacts many - from better workflow decisioning for insurers, to more empathetic experiences for policyholders, to faster-than-ever resolutions for all. ' The Why: This evolution is not just to improve current insurer processes, but to address the macroeconomic trends impacting the P&C insurance economy, from labor shortages to vehicle complexity to rising costs. ' The When: The technology is here now, but innovation requires a thoughtful approach that keeps insurer teams and consumers at the center. Solution flexibility is a must, and possible. ' The How: Listen to real life use cases of how intelligence can power digital transformation.
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