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2023 Playback Breakout Sessions

ITC Vegas

November 02, 2023

The Truth on Ground Truth: Aerial Imagery, AI-Driven Analytics and More Presented by Nearmap

Every aspect of the insurance workflow is critically dependent on the understanding of 'ground truth'. Clear, current and comprehensive view of ground truth is essential to a carrier's success across quoting, new business underwriting, loss control and risk engineering, policy renewal, and claims management. We will be presenting an overview of state-of-the art technologies and solutions that help carriers establish ground truth when it matters. This includes space and aerial imaging technologies, advantages and disadvantages of imaging versus non-imaging data sources, AI-driven analytics and how these feed modern insurance workflows.


Dr Tom Celinski, CTO, Nearmap
Don Weigel, Chief Product Officer, Nearmap
Fran Haefner, SVP - Commercial Lines, Donegal Mutual Insurance

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