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2023 Playback Breakout Sessions

ITC Vegas

November 02, 2023

Transforming the Auto Insurance Customer Experience with Engagement as the Product Focus Presented by IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions)

In the world of auto insurance, understanding how to fully engage policyholders by leveraging the latest innovations around app-based rewards and dynamic messaging is crucial to increasing auto insurance policyholder Lifetime Value (LTV). In this session, you will explore real-world case studies, including success stories of top global auto insurers, as they reveal new ways you can test, learn, iterate and get new motor propositions to market quickly with the latest SDK and API tools. You will also learn how to optimize your telematics driver enrolment funnel from registration to activation and risk scoring as a way to help drive customer growth.


Bill Costa, Managing Member, Counsel Crew
Moderator: Deke Phillips, VP of Sales, Americas, IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions)
Ed Rochfort, Chief Product Officer, IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions)
Judy Stover, Director of Product Development - Telematics, Nationwide
Tom Torcia, Chief Analytics Officer, Mutual Capital Analytics

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