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2023 Playback Breakout Sessions

ITC Vegas

November 02, 2023

Longevity Unleashed: Merging Insurtech, Insurance, and the Pioneers of Healthy Aging

The insurance landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, transitioning from merely addressing catastrophes to proactively preventing them. At the heart of this evolution lies the intriguing dialogue around aging and longevity. Step into a transformative discussion with Orna Carni of FinTLV Ventures and Gil Blander of InsideTracker. They'll pose a captivating question: what if, two decades from now, life expectancy stretches an additional 20 years and health span (life without disease) will be the same as lifespan? How would this reshape our perceptions and models of long-tail insurance products?


Orna Carni, Managing Partner, FinTLV Ventures
Gil Blander, Chief Scientific Officer, InsideTracker

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