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2023 Playback Breakout Sessions

ITC Vegas

November 02, 2023

Ford Credit's Different Path on Embedded Insurance: Commercial Lines Presented by EY

Vehicle manufacturers are lining up to offer personal auto insurance to their customers. Ford Credit is breaking away from the pack by launching a commercial fleet insurance product that will be integrated with other experiences: financing, servicing, EV charging and more. Leveraging a variety of emerging technologies, Ford Credit will price its insurance using IoT sensor data that comes from both the vehicle and the risks monitored on the road. Ford Credit's vision is to embed a holistic set of insurance protection and financial services into the experiences of commercial and individual vehicle owners. The process of simply buying a vehicle will evolve to improving the productivity for commercial customers, allowing them more time to focus on running their businesses.


Jim Drotman, EVP – Commercial Business, Ford
David Connolly, Partner– Global Nexus Leader, EY

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