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2023 Playback Breakout Sessions

ITC Vegas

November 01, 2023

Claims Transformation Tug-of-War: Bringing Tech and Talent Together for Operational Success Presented by Clearspeed

Today's insurance operations are under pressure from workflow complexities caused by multiple intermediaries, legacy systems, and rising consumer expectations. The future demands that today's insurers reshape the customer claims journey. Powering the next-gen insurance claims experience with new technology, data, and decisioning intelligence will help unlock operational value - from improving claims lifecycle times and reducing fraud to allocating resources more efficiently and delivering an elevated customer experience. Clearspeed's voice-based risk assessment technology is helping insurers across the globe do exactly this. In this session, insurance industry leaders with global expertise will discuss where the insurance industry is going, and the critical technology that's driving successful operational outcomes and changing the game for insurance organizations.


Moderator: Jeanette Hernandez, SVP Global Insurance Services, Clearspeed
Jessica Ballard, VP - Risk & Claims, Roamly
Preston McGowan, SVP - Digital & Customer Experience, Private Client Select
Tina Zink Pernie, Head of Strategic Partners, North American Risk Services
Ursula Merten, Head of Operations, Green Shield Risk Solutions

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