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2023 Playback Breakout Sessions

ITC Vegas

November 01, 2023

Behavioural Science, Health & Longevity: Bridging Life Insurance and Personalized Tech Solutions

Now more than ever, behavioural science and personalized health tech are defining a more relevant approach to addressing what we now consider significant determinants of longevity. Factors like sleep and stress ' still largely underestimated ' are now unavoidable in the broader effort to improve long-term health outcomes. As health becomes increasingly personal and individualized, life insurers can and should play an active role in their customers' wellness journeys ' most notably, by connecting them with the innovative tech-enabled solutions dominating the space, such as the Oura Ring, to empower them with personalized information about their health. Lindsay Hanson, Chief Marketing Officer, John Hancock and Global Head of Behavioral Insurance, Delivery and Strategy, and Geoff Wylde, VP of Business Development, ?URA will discuss the life insurance and tech industry in this exciting space, and how partnerships between the two industries can drive better outcomes for customers and ultimately, the bottom line.


Geoff Wylde, VP - Business Development, URA

Lindsay Hanson, CMO & Head of Behavioural Insurance, Global Strategy and Delivery, John Hancock

Moderator: Peter Tessier, Host & Producer, The Insurance Podcast

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