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2023 Playback Breakout Sessions

ITC Vegas

November 02, 2023

Ask Me Anything: Closing the Profitability Gap: How American Family Insurance Utilizes Arturo Property Intelligence to Mitigate Risk Presented by Arturo

American Family Insurance's data science and analytics lab, or DSAL, has always been at the forefront of reenvisioning insurance in light of modern technical, societal and consumer changes. Among their crowning achievements? Creating PropInc, a central database at the heart of American Family Insurance, and their use of Arturo's property insights to train their own models, to create a unified, updated, accurate picture of risk. Join this electric session to see Marty Smuin, CEO of Arturo walk through the platform in action and listen to both Marc Miele, head of fund operations at AmFam and Marty Buchheim, the 'father' of DSAL, to better understand the power of a true partnership that provides clarity around the past, present and future of property.


Moderator: Marty Smuin, CEO, Arturo   

Marc Miele, Head of Fund Operations, AmFam Ventures 

Marty Buchheim, AVP - Data Science & Emerging Technology, American Family Insurance 

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