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2023 - Kick-Off Summit Playback

ITC Vegas

October 31, 2023

Leveraging Modern Technology with a Human Touch

Technology is transforming the delivery of employee benefits, bringing unheralded speed and efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI) is refining processes, adding value, and carving a new path forward. What hasn't changed, is that people remain at the center of it all. Providing a human touch at their times of greatest need remains a golden opportunity. Leveraging modern core systems, including AI capabilities, with a personal touch gives group insurance providers new opportunities to deliver personalized benefits when and how people need them, improving their quality of life. Key Takeaways: ' How modern core systems and AI are changing the group insurance ecosystem in ways that matter' The impact of digital natives on the development and distribution of group benefits' How an understanding the diverse people served by benefits will dictate winners and losers.


Barry Duffy, Product Manager, FINEOS

Eddie Choi

Kellie Benson-Bray, Director, Member Relations Workplace, LIMRA

Rima Safari, Partner, PwC

William Dalicandro, Senior Vice President, Core Market, Unum 


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