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2023 - Kick-Off Summit Playback

ITC Vegas

October 31, 2023

The Consumer Journey: Building Tomorrow's Benefits

To build tomorrow's benefits successfully, the entire group benefit ecosystem must expand its understanding of consumers and embrace new realms of benefit development, delivery and education. The conventional benefits packages offered a decade ago hold little sway in a tight labor market that is looking for something else. What seemed like 'edge products' two years ago are suddenly going mainstream. Successful players must quickly develop a deep understanding of the needs of a wide variety of demographics to anticipate the group and voluntary benefits they will value, purchase, and consume. Key Takeaways: ' How group and voluntary benefits must reflect changing societal goals and limitations' How understanding the needs of your own workforce can inform benefits offerings and packages' How absence legislation has opened up a new market by meeting people where they are on their life journey.


Chris Morbelli, Principal - Insurance Consulting, Financial Services, EY

Jennifer Daniel, National Vice President Broker Distribution Strategy and Partnerships, Aflac

Nick Rockwell, President, Eastbridge Consulting Group

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