Tony Silva

Insurance Transformation Strategist
Tony's journey in the insurance world has been truly remarkable. He started his career in technology but quickly expanded his expertise to various areas of the industry, including distribution, operations, strategy, and general management. Along the way, he assumed leadership roles, showcasing his innovative abilities in the distribution realm. His insurance adventure began as a software developer for Agency Management Systems (AMS). During his time at a startup called ITSA, Tony was part of the pioneering team that created the very first web-based insurance policy administration and billing processing system and the first database rating and rules engine. His career continued to soar as he took on leadership positions at Homesite Insurance, which was later acquired by AmFam in 2013. At Homesite, Tony led the development of the highly acclaimed web-based homeowners quoting system, establishing the company as a premier provider of homeowners insurance. Additionally, he successfully integrated homeowners distribution with top-tier direct carriers nationwide. Tony has always recognized the crucial role of technology in shaping the insurance landscape, and he finds it exciting to witness insurers utilizing cutting-edge tools like Generative AI, drones, and IoT elements to differentiate themselves in the dynamic P&C marketplace. In 2014, Tony was chosen to lead the transformation of small business insurance at American Family. His mission was to create an exceptional small commercial offering that catered to captive agents, independent agents, customers, and national partners. The team's outstanding work resulted in the establishment of the AmFam Group Enterprise platform, a unified solution across all distribution channels that surpassed industry growth. In addition to his professional success, Tony leads an eclectic personal life, sharing his home with a variety of pets and enjoying culinary pursuits and travel with his family. Overall, Tony's journey in the insurance industry is a testament to his ability to innovate, lead, and embrace technology, both professionally and personally.