Todd Lohr

Principal, Technology Enablement & Automation
Todd Lohr is a Principal within KPMG’s Technology Consulting practice, specializing in Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies. In his current role, Todd leads the US Technology practice comprised of over 5,000 talented technologists. With a focus on the crucial aspects of technology strategy, including the selection, design, and implementation of cutting-edge digital technologies such as low code, data & analytics, cloud, cyber, and AI, Todd spearheads the Technology Consulting business to help clients solve their most complex technology challenges. As a leader in emerging technologies, Todd concentrates on addressing the impact of technological advancements on business models and guides executive leadership during periods of significant transformation. He brings a wealth of expertise in the ethical implications of AI deployment, emphasizing the importance of corporate and social responsibility in this new era. As a thought leader in the responsible use of AI, Todd is committed to fostering transparency, fairness, and accountability while mitigating unintended consequences associated with AI-driven solutions. An ardent advocate for diversity in technology, Todd actively promotes an inclusive work environment and encourages a broad range of perspectives in the tech industry. By championing diversity in the workplace and supporting programs that empower underrepresented groups in technology, Todd is dedicated to driving innovation and fostering creative problem-solving. As a valued thought leader, Todd regularly presents at conferences and serves as a guest lecturer at universities. Through his extensive experience and deep understanding of the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence, Todd offers unique insights, innovative strategies, and practical solutions to address challenges within the industry, always prioritizing the ethical and responsible use of AI and championing the cause of diversity in technology.