Simha Sadasiva

CEO & Co-founder
Simha Sadasiva’s passion centers on creating elegant products that support completely frictionless communications for higher value relationships and building global teams and massively scalable infrastructure. Prior to Ushur, Simha was the head of the Session Delivery Network Solutions Business Unit at Dialogic (formerly Veraz), and was part of the team that lead the company through a successful IPO in 2007. Simha has held leadership roles at a number of technology companies included 3Com and Lucent Technologies

Sessions by Simha Sadasiva

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Customer Experience Track: Islander B | Retention & Acquisition Track 

Sponsored Panel Discussion: The Art of Customer Experience meets the Science of AI and Automation. A view from the front-lines of Digital Transformation Presented by Ushur 

Nearly a decade in, Digital Transformation remained, to a larger extent, a topic for the enterprise back office. More recent developments in AI and automation have now opened new avenues to bring customer experience enhancements to the forefront of the transformation efforts. In this session, Ushur brings together the executives and the visionaries who are leading this CX transformation driven by advancements in AI-powered automation. 

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