Ron Gura

CEO & Co-founder
Ron is a tech entrepreneur who has brought his love for developing empowering products to startups and major international corporations alike. As SVP at WeWork, Ron started and oversaw a global R&D center of 250 team members, responsible for the tools and systems that helped the company scale operationally. Previously, Ron served as Entrepreneur in Residence at Aleph, a $850M early-stage venture capital fund. Prior to that, Ron served as a Product Director and GM at eBay, leading its business incubation organization. Ron joined eBay as a result of the 2011 acquisition of The Gifts Project, a social- commerce startup where he served as Co-Founder & CEO.

Sessions by Ron Gura

04:00 PM - 04:35 PM
Innovation in Action Track: Islander E 

Enabling Incumbents: How Startups Can Best Work with Large Insurance Companies

Startup enablers have been growing across the insurance industry. This trend is going to continue as insurance incumbents acknowledge the importance in integrating innovation through startup partnerships, rather than developing the technology internally.

At the same time, startups recognize the value in partnering with incumbents as an opportunity to improve their product offering, thus creating the ultimate win for policyholders.

In this panel, you will:

-learn why this ‘enabling trend’ is happening and how it benefits startups and incumbents 

-hear the testimonial from a startup founder that has successfully partnered with an incumbent 

-listen to the incumbent’s perspective on the ingredients for a successful partnership with startups

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