Roger Arnemann

General Manager (SVP)
Guidewire Analytics
An evangelical and product-oriented executive team member, I specialize in scaling analytics companies in the Bay Area (12 years), London (7 years), and Delhi (3 years & 1,500 staff). I apply a unique combination of vision, strategy, and execution with missions to create new market categories, lead product development from idea to release, and drive growth. As a CPO and COO, I have owned P&L and led breakthroughs in Product Management, Engineering, DevOps, Data & Analytics, Sales, and Services. I was the first recipient of a Stanford triple major in addition to an MS. I have motorcycle-camped 9K miles to the Arctic Ocean, am one of 1,400 people to visit 100 countries, and love working on $500 race cars.itc

Sessions by Roger Arnemann

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Commercial Insurance Track: South Pacific E 

Directly Impact the Bottom Line With AI-Powered Claims Guidance Presented by EvolutionIQ

Claims guidance software reduces cycle times, adverse events, reserve allocations, reinsurance costs, and attrition. That makes improving claims processing the most valuable financial and operational lever to lower costs for carriers and third party administrators while simultaneously improving outcomes for claimants. Machine learning that understands cause and effect  – and complex bodily injury and recovery like a medical expert – is now daily guiding the right examiners and adjusters to the right claim at the right time in the cycle to maximize impact. Join a panel discussion with Adam Fisher, Chief Data Officer, Sedgwick; John Kim, former President and Chief Investment Officer, New York Life and currently CEO & Founder, Brewer Lane Ventures; Roger Arnemann, CPO & COO of P&C software leader Guidewire Analytics; and Michael Saltzman, Co-Founder & COO of AI-claims guidance leader EvolutionIQ as they discuss how next-gen artificial intelligence is enabling forward-thinking organizations to dramatically change the economics of claims handling.

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