Patrick Kelahan

Pay-U Technologies
As a passionate follower of the global insurance innovation initiatives, Patrick interacts with the industry as the ‘Insurance Elephant’. Of particular interest for Mr. Kelahan is advocating for development of insurance products for otherwise underserved markets, and in helping new entrants within the south Asia, Africa, and Latin America markets. Patrick has particular interest in Pay-U Technologies (co-founder) in the Nigerian market and Bharat Claims in the Indian market among other startups. In addition, and while serving as Building Consultant for H2M architects + engineering, a Long Island, NY firm, Patrick is charged with observing and anticipating ‘what comes next’ in the insurance carrier world. In this role Patrick serves as an insurance carrier subject matter expert for the firm, advising and interacting with staff in ensuring carrier needs are met. Patrick and his wife, Christine are the parents of seven children, all of whom are international adoptees.