Michael Saltzman

Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Before founding EvolutionIQ, Mike spent years as an investor focused on insurance companies at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. While there he led insurance market investment teams that focused on embracing both human and machine-based investment insights. He became an expert on the effects of claims on carriers’ financial results, as well as seeing the power of algorithmic strategies on Bridgewater’s own processes. Mike then received his MBA at Stanford University. At EvolutionIQ, Mike leads the commercial business, partnering with top client executives to align EvolutionIQ’s mission and product to the industry’s most pressing claim-related issues. In February 2022, Mike joined the Insurance Technology and Analytics Committee as Co-Chairman, where he leads educational efforts, virtual seminars, and the creation of best practice guides for the industry to use in their transformation processes. Mike, like fellow co-founders Tom and Jonathan, is an avid Pilot, certificated to fly a range of airplanes, including light jets.