Michael J Reth

Axiom Connected
For more than 26 years, Michael has been reimagining the protection products industry by delivering customer-first experiences that fuse finance, warranty, and connected tech. Last year, he unveiled the first-ever Connected Warranty Ecosystem, a TPA In-a-Box that connects with existing policyholders and provides: • a brandable e-commerce experience, • a comprehensive administration and management platform, and • a digital customer engagement solution. This year, Michael is launching a new line of micro-protection products, a completely scalable, subscription-based offering that provides policyholders with more affordable coverage options, delivering more recurring revenue and customer retention. As a longtime veteran and visionary in the automotive industry, Michael uses his 360-degree understanding of automotive retail, insurance, F&I product development, reinsurance, and traditional warranty products to focus on technology and software development related to insurtech, mobilitytech, agtech, and beyond. Michael is an often sought-after speaker and panelist for conferences, trade shows, and corporate events. He is the host of his speaker series, The Auto Tech Effect, which sparks conversations with thought leaders on topics geared to OEMs, Insurance Carriers, and Third Party Administrators. As a respected civic leader and champion of the region, Axiom Connected continues to rank as a Top Workplace in St. Louis. Michael received his B.S. in Business/Managerial Economics in 2002 and earned his MBA with distinction in 2004 from Maryville University in St. Louis. He was recently awarded the Informa Tech Automotive Award for being a Leader in Automotive Tech.