Marci Campbell

Coterie Insurance
Marci Campbell is a creative and innovative solutions executive with expertise in technical product development. As a former software developer, Marci has a keen understanding of the product lifecycle which she uses to inform her leadership of Coterie’s Product and Engineering teams. She is known as an inspiring, knowledgeable, and collaborative leader with the proven ability to see through problems to solution paths. Outcome-oriented who understands how to pool the right talent and resources to turn strategic vision and customer requirements into valuable, innovative, and successful solutions. Early in Marci's career, she experienced user operating environments evolving from terminal/backend processes to GUI workstations seeking out opportunities to develop skills that prepared her for the future. She held an innate understanding of User Experience years before it was commonly accepted as a discipline in its own right. This foundational knowledge was a catalyst for staying curious to solve challenging opportunities in Educational Technology breaking down barriers to learning, using machine-learning models to predict suicidal ideation, using highly animated interactions to develop bilingual understanding, using various business models to flip paradigms on funding educational tools, using IoT to notify a supply chain process, and developing crowdsourcing mechanisms to elevate the learning opportunities. Marci holds a degree in mathematics and computer science from Boston College. She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.