Lisa Bowden

Global Industry Product Marketing Manager
Lisa Bowden is the Global Industry Marketing Manager of Insurance at ServiceNow. With over 15 years of marketing experience, Lisa immersed herself in the insurance industry and is fascinated by the current era of dynamic technological trends driving carriers to adapt operating models, products, and core processes to a new reality. She joined ServiceNow because she genuinely believes the Now Platform has the power to make the world work better for everyone in the insurance industry. She is committed to showcasing transformation through meaningful customer experiences, diverse stories, and inspiring real-world results.

Sessions by Lisa Bowden

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Distribution Track: Islander H 

Creating Value in Distribution Through The Lens of Carriers and Distributors Presented by ServiceNow  

In this session, we will discuss aspects of the distribution experience that influence stickiness, drive direct written premium and reduce cost. ServiceNow is pleased to be joined by Aon for this talk, which includes a technology demonstration.  

You will: 

  • Learn how digitizing processes drives efficiencies and what benefits you can expect 
  • Hear stories from the front lines: how optimizing unified digital experiences unlocks value  
  • Begin to strategically focus on the right efficiencies to increase margin 

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