Jeff Helzner

Decision Scientist
Joyn Insurance
Jeff Helzner is a Decision Scientist at Joyn, an insurance startup targeting the E&S market for small and medium-sized enterprises. He has been working to improve judgment and decision making in the insurance industry since 2014, first as head of the behavioral science team at AIG, then as a decision scientist at Blackboard Insurance, which was an AIG-backed insurtech, and now as a member of the R&D team at Joyn. His major projects have focused on areas such as reducing noise in human judgment, behavioral analytics, nudging, and decision support systems. Prior to entering the insurance industry, Jeff was an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University where he taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at on foundations of probability and decision theory, logic, philosophy of science, and epistemology. His research focused mostly on foundations of rational choice theory, especially as it relates to decision making under conditions of uncertainty.