Jane J. Wang

CEO & Co-Founder
Jane J. Wang is the CEO of Optimity, an innovative insurtech for customer-centric engagement and cross-sell using wearables & lifestyle data for insurtech carriers, MGA/Brokers & health-techs. The award-winning company supplies software solutions for mobile-1st digital health & wealth loyalty member programs. They specialize in rewarding behaviors and use personalized engagement with micro-nudging, AI & gamification to support healthy living. Optimity has codified 30+years of achievements with behavior science in large populations and published 8 scientific papers with partnered universities. Prior to Optimity, Jane led teams in phase 2 & 3 global clinical trials developing technologies for programs to maximizing adherence and performing dynamic risk scoring in North America, Asia and the EU. She is passionate about proactive health programs: improving morbidity & mortality using gamification and behavior science.