Hugues Bertin

Founder and CEO
Digital Insurance LatAm
Hugues Bertin is the CEO and Founder of Digital Insurance LatAm, the first strategy consulting firm in innovation and digital transformation within the Latam insurtech ecosystem. He is a Partner of HCS Capital, a VC Fund dedicated in Insurtech, Cyber and Fintech for Latam, US and Israel. He is the #1 Top Voices Insurtech ranking by The Latam Insurtech and in the top 100 of insurance innovator ranking published by Lightico. He is also the Managing Director of The-Digital-Insurer Academy for Latam to propel insurance HR into the world to come, and an international speaker about “Future of Insurance” and teacher in several Latin American universities. Hugues is also the Director and Co-founder of InsurteChile, Association of Chilean Insurtechs, Coorganizer of Insurtech LatAm Forum event. He graduated as an actuary in France, he spent 20 years in Europe and Latin America, where he has led or advised actors in the insurance industry. Former CFO, CDO and Chief Actuary of BNPP Cardif Argentina, Ex-Advisor of SSN (Argentinean regulator) for SSN Innovation hub. He was also board member as vice-president of BNPP Investment Partner Argentina.