Harry Croydon

CEO & Founder
MIC Global
Harry Croydon is co-founder of Micro Insurance Company (MIC) and is CEO and President of STP Group Holdings. Micro Insurance Company's mission is to build people and businesses a global safety net so that when the unexpected happens they can bounce back swiftly. Harry leads and empowers a world-class team to bring this mission alive through creating simple insurance products built around technology based on the principles of straight through processing. Micro Insurance Company is a full stack tech enabled platform that through B2B2C relationships is creating value and delivering millions of policies around the world. Prior to MIC, Harry worked in insurance for 17 years working with Lloyds, Willis, AON and AJG delivering tech solutions and building one of the first Cyber Insurance Lloyds brokers and before that 10 years working with Microsoft and other tech giants in the early days of the internet.