Louisa Harbage-Edell

Director of Product Marketing and Intelligence
Louisa Harbage-Edell is the Director of Product Marketing and Intelligence at Arity. She has nearly two decades of experience in insurance and telematics. Prior to joining Arity, she worked at Progressive insurance and led the Actuarial Analytics team at Willis Towers Watson. At Arity she oversees go-to-market strategy for the insurance, sharing economy, and data insights industries.

Sessions by Louisa Harbage-Edell

02:00 PM - 02:50 PM
Motor Track: Islander B 

How to Win with Telematics Pricing at Quote Presented by Arity

Telematics insights are the gold standard in predicting driving risk, but most insurers are still struggling to collect this valuable data. Not only is a picture of driving behavior traditionally not available until renewal, but it’s still limited to the percent of your book of business willing to opt in to a traditional telematics program.  

But what if actual driving insights were available already scored for tens of millions of Americans to leverage at time of quote, the way credit is today? Now it is. During this session, hear about how new integrations with Arity IQ are allowing insurance carriers to go beyond participation discounts and better predict risk and improve customer lifetime value while with a true telematics price at quote. 

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