Farooq Sheikh

Global Head of Insurance
Farooq Sheikh is the Global Head of Insurance for Unqork and works with global insurers, brokers and technology providers. Unqork is the leading no-code platform which enables large complex clients to digitize customer experiences, create leading edge buying journeys and automate internal processes. Unqork has pioneered the “code-less architecture” approach which allows clients to accelerate the speed of digital transformation focused on areas that require leading edge presentation, orchestration, and integration capabilities.Before Unqork, Farooq was at Oliver Wyman where he was a Partner in the Insurance and Digital practices and led go-to-market for multiple platforms including Reinventing Insurance and Legacy migrations.

Sessions by Farooq Sheikh

12:30 PM - 01:15 PM
South Pacific C 

Transforming the Commercial Insurance Value Chain with AI-First Digital Engineering Presented by Quantiphi

In this session, we talk about a day in the life of a Commercial underwriter, and the struggles they undergo in finding information from various documents, third-party sources, and manual reviews.  Our Industry experts will discuss the role of AI and workflow automation in streamlining the underwriting process. How we bring together the power of Google services, the low code/no code platform of Unqork, and Quantiphi’s ability to reimagine the whole value chain using AI-first digital engineering for our customers – some real-life examples and the story of accelerated adoption of AI-led solutions for Intelligent Document Processing.

02:00 PM - 02:35 PM
Commercial Insurance Track: South Pacific E 

The Future of Commercial Insurance Broking

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