Eugene Shafronsky

Head of Strategy
Eugene Shafronsky is the Head of Strategy at thinktum, an innovation enabler in the insurtech space. For over a decade, Eugene has immersed himself in the interplay between insurance and technology to build better and more holistic artificial intelligence solutions for the industry. His experience lays in leading different distribution channels, insurance product development, as well as insurtech platforms. His goal is to create robust technological platforms, powered by AI, which offer the true convenience of personalizing every visitor interaction to improve the user experience and optimize organizational efficiency. Eugene has held many senior positions with several insurance carriers and insurtech firms, but his insurance career began as an underwriter. His unique skill set means his ability to operationalize both technologies and market solutions has made him much sought out as a thinker, strategist, mentor, and speaker. Eugene understands best how to drive innovation and collaboration within his team, his company, and for thinktum’s customer base. Last, Eugene firmly believes that tech for good is not simply a catchphrase, but rather his life’s work that promotes collaboration over disruption. Learn more about Eugene through his LinkedIn account:

Sessions by Eugene Shafronsky

03:05 PM - 03:40 PM
Life & Health Track: Islander C 

Ask Me Anything: How establishing a partnership with an insurtech enabler can optimize digital distribution in Life & Health Insurance. Presented by thinktum

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