Elan Nyer

CEO & Co-Founder
Elan is a hands-on entrepreneur focused on improving the relationship between individuals and businesses by building Ownli, the world’s first zero-party data marketplace. Prior to starting Ownli, Elan worked in various roles at Nexar as VP, Data Services leading initiatives aimed to expand Nexar’s network and extract data insights across numerous industries including, insurance, government, telecom, and automotive. Prior to joining Nexar, Elan worked at Mobileye initiating strategic public and private partnerships to promote transportation safety, drafting government regulations relating to vehicle safety, and Smart City data analysis. Prior to Mobileye, Elan served in the IDF foreign relations and intelligence unit, holds a Bachelor’s Degree cum laude from Queens College and a Master’s Degree cum laude from the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy, Herzliya, where he simultaneously worked as a RA and TA and published three papers on U.S. - Israel relations.