Doug Alexander

Founder & Principal Consultant
A Brilliant Outcome
Doug Alexander is an award-winning IT leader who leverages emerging technologies to drive innovation, tech adoption and business growth for billion-dollar insurance/(re) insurance carriers and InsurTech startups. Doug is known for bringing best in class expertise to navigate the space between business and technology, with a 6th sense to solve problems by connecting seemingly disparate dots. Doug works as a Fractional Executive and founder of A Brilliant Outcome, an advisory services company for the reinsurance and insurance industry. Previously, Doug worked 20 years at AXA XL in senior IT and Innovation roles where he was the Chief Enterprise Architect, ran IT Development and held a board seat on their successful internal VC fund, XL Innovate. Before that he was at Vantage Risk a startup (re)insurance carrier as Chief Digital Officer where he led IT Innovation, Enterprise Architecture and Application Delivery. He lives in Avon Connecticut.