Dennis Vanderlip

Insurance Industry Solution Director

Sessions by Dennis Vanderlip

12:30 PM - 01:15 PM
South Pacific B 

Beyond a Vision: The Design, Challenges, and Empathy behind a Straight-Through Strategy Presented by CCC

The term ‘straight-through processing’ is frequently used, but what does it really mean? And how does it become a reality? While many insurers have laid the foundation, this panel, led by CCC’s Chief Product Officer Shivani Govil, will discuss critical next steps and the pieces to the puzzle that may not have been thought of.

Intelligent Digitization: While a good problem to have, with many varieties, increased volumes, and faster flows of data now accessible to insurers, how can they get the most value and ensure meaningful action?

Unique, Seamless Experiences: From the moment an accident happens, hundreds of complex actions must take place before a vehicle, and a policyholder, is made whole. Just as no two paths are the same as a claim flows toward resolution, no two policyholders have identical needs.

Connected Ecosystems, Now and in the Future: The amount of data from photos, telematics, IoT advances, and more is growing at a record pace. Multiple players are connected to insurer workflows. Efforts to improve efficiency are already happening. Looking towards the future, what’s next to reduce friction?

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