Deke Phillips

VP of Sales, Americas
IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions)
He is Vice President of Sales, Americas at IMS, where he's focused on helping auto insurers and mobility companies improve operating results and increase retention through telematics and usage-based insurance. Deke has over 11 years of experience in building and growing telematics businesses, as well as 12 years of experience in P&C insurance underwriting, product management, and distribution. Prior to joining IMS, Deke was CEO and co-founder of Rightmile, a commercial auto MGA that utilizes connected vehicle data to help fleets lower insurance costs and increase driver retention. Previously, Deke held the position of Senior Vice President, Americas at Octo Telematics, where he managed Octo's businesses in the Americas region. Prior to Octo, Deke was VP of Customer Success at TrueMotion (now Cambridge Mobile Telematics) and has also held leadership positions at Arity, LexisNexis, and Chubb Insurance.