Dan Gumpright

Head of Product
Dan is currently Head of Product at Wagmo, a leading pet wellness and insurance company. Dan previously worked as a new venture lead and entrepreneur in residence, setting up new start-up product companies at American Family Insurance’s venture build studio. Dan has served as VP of Products for FRISS, a leading insurance fraud detection solution and Head of Global Insurance Products for NetReveal, a leading InsureTech product by BAE Systems. Dan serves as a product board advisory for various other insurance software solution providers. Dan is an entrepreneur, experienced executive, software professional & well-regarded product leader with significant experience designing, building, developing and selling software products. He is also an insurance industry and product innovation thought leader and a regular speaker at global technology and insurance conferences.

Sessions by Dan Gumpright

03:05 PM - 03:40 PM
Data & Analytics Track: Islander F 

The Ethical Use of Data to Fight Insurance Fraud: Where and Should the Guardrails be Placed? 

Insurance fraud costs the United States $308.6 billion each year.  The adoption of emerging technologies creates new opportunities for fraud detection and innovative processing for underwriting and claims.  Sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data integrating into carrier “ecosystems” also introduce ethical concerns – from inherent bias and unfair discrimination to privacy concerns about use of personal data. 

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