Cory Isaacson

CEO & Co-Founder
reThought Insurance Corporation
Cory Isaacson is a Co-Founder and CEO of reThought Insurance Corporation, which he leads from his home and reThought HQ in Denver, Colorado. He has spent more than a quarter century in the tech business, including nearly ten years in insurance technology, with a stint as CTO at RMS. A tireless entrepreneur and a ceaseless innovator, Cory spends his days leading and supporting the reThought team, and for the moment spearheading the MGA’s technology development in his role as acting CTO. He has five patents to his name. Cory says flood insurance is: “a vital product that needs to get out to market, because everyone is at risk. Everything I can do, and we as the reThought team can do, to bring flood insurance to more homes and enterprises will help build resilience and make every business and family better prepared for the changing future.” Colleagues will be surprised Cory call’s anything “spare time,” but outside reThought he’s working on a personal engineering projects to develop newfangled decorative lighting.