Blake Hill

Vice President Insurance
Blake Hill, Vice President of Insurance, dacadoo: Blake is supporting insurance companies globally as they transform into customer centric and digitally enabled businesses using the dacadoo Risk Engine and dacadoo Digital Health Engagement platform. Prior to his 4 years at dacadoo, Blake spent 18 years in industry as an Actuary developing and launching insurance, savings, investment, and group health products, and through his leadership launched the Vitality program. Blake is an avid volunteer with the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries, and was a Volunteer of the Year for the SOA in 2021.

Sessions by Blake Hill

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Life & Health Track: Islander C 

Life Insurance is Transforming: How to Leverage Tech and Data with Risk Insights Presented by Swiss Re 

Our industry has talked about the need to embrace risk-tech innovations with more agility for a long time. Just recently, we’ve been able to fully realize the economic viability of acting on the need. In the spirit of simplifying the Now, mastering the New and powering the Next our subject matter experts will share how research-backed technology can operationally improve underwriting, claims and the user experience with agility.  We will also discuss why embracing risk-tech partnerships with the global expertise of a reinsurance partner can prepare your organization and our industry for the next major disruption. 

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