Anthony O’Donnell

Executive Editor
Insurance Innovation Reporter
Anthony O’Donnell is Editor of Insurance Innovation Reporter (IIR). He has been reporting on the use of technology by insurance carriers/underwriters since 2000. He’s well-known in the industry, works regularly with industry analysts and has a large network of insurance carrier executive contacts. He was executive editor at Insurance & Technology magazine through June 2013, when left to found Insurance Innovation Reporter. IIR is an online trade magazine that chronicles disruption in the insurance industry, with an emphasis on innovation and disruption, including the InsurTech innovation ecosystem of venture capitalists, startups and accelerators. The magazine continues to prioritize the point of view of the insurance carrier executive, though it takes interest in the distribution side of the industry as well. In addition to daily reporting and a weekly newsletter, IIR conducts webcasts and live, in-person events for senior executives of insurance carriers.

Sessions by Anthony O’Donnell

03:00 PM - 03:50 PM

Preparing for a Digital Insurance Future You Cannot Predict

The entire insurance industry is built on the concept of mitigating risk by predicting the future. Today, the only constant is change as insurance wrestles with the boundaries of privacy, the evolution of its business model and the demands of a culture that wants to be served 24 x 7. Meanwhile, social, political, and even climate issues exert external pressure on the industry. This panel explores how to make your company ready to survive and thrive through The Next Thing. 

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