Anju Gupta

VP - Data Sciences and Analytics
Northwestern Mutual
Anju is instrumental in shaping all of company’s AI initiatives, including Generative AI. She has been actively developing, enabling and driving the business activation of AI/ML products across all of NM along with building an ethical framework for implementing data science products. She is a member of NM Data Science Institute executive steering team. Prior to NM, she was responsible for overseeing Enterprise Holdings’ data asset strategy and AI/ML insights around the future of mobility - everything from enhancing day-to-day operations and customer experience, to leading strategic decision-making and technology innovation efforts. Prior to that, Gupta was at Monsanto (Bayer) for more than a decade where she worked in statistical genetics, global analytics, technology strategy, and digital innovation, partnerships and outreach. Gupta holds 17 granted and published patents and has a PhD in genetics and statistics.