Building the Intelligent Insurer with Advanced AI and Data Analytics presented by Microsoft

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Insurers have historically been very adept at capturing customer data, however the ability to derive business value from that data has long proved challenging. With the evolution over the last several years of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT / Telematics, and advanced analytics, technology is now enabling insurers to capture a broader range of relevant data, as well as derive much deeper actionable business insights. Join Microsoft for a panel discussion on building the intelligent insurer with advanced AI and data analytics. Our panelists will discuss how leveraging data and AI is enabling widespread insurer transformation in areas such as improving risk modeling, deepening customer insights, and modernizing claims and underwriting processes.

Mark Crow, Insurance Industry Executive, Microsoft
Brian Cartwright, Insurance Industry Executive, Microsoft
Alex Laurie, Director, Data Science and Analytics, KPMG
Ken Scalf, Principal – P&C Insurance Software Solutions, Milliman

Original Air Date Tuesday, October 5th, 3pm