The Tipping Point: How Connected Networks Can Deliver Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation presented by CCC Intelligent Solutions

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Straight through processing for claims is now a reality for P&C claims departments. It can also be a catalyst for digital transformation across the enterprise. Critical pieces of straight through processing, like connected device data, digital communication tools and an integrated network, extend benefits beyond claims departments, delivering technology, insights and near real-time decisioning. By embracing innovation, insurers and network participants can accelerate the pace of digitization and heighten the customer experience. CCC will host a panel featuring innovative leaders to discuss: how AI combined with deep network connections can drive unique customer experiences and deliver straight through processing across P&C lines, the importance of integrating network partners into a single workflow to accelerate digital transformation across the enterprise and deliver value faster and how advanced technologies can spark further industry collaboration and innovation.

Shivani Govil, Chief Product Officer, CCC Intelligent Solutions
Jeremy Jawish, CEO & Co-Founder, Shift Technology
Frank Palmer, Chief Insurance Officer, Root

Original Air Date Tuesday, October 5th, 11:10am