The Future of Insurance Pricing presented by Akur8 and Milliman

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P&C insurance is experiencing unprecedented transformation, accelerated by Covid-19 impacts. As insurers need to adapt to the new normal and heightened customer expectations, bringing agility to the pricing process is crucial to unlock value for customers and insurers. Jointly with Milliman, we will explore what the future of insurance pricing looks like across several dimensions, including the organization of pricing teams, the evolving role and skillset of pricing actuaries and the next generation of pricing tools. Capitalizing on our joint expertise, we will share a case study on how an insurance company leveraged machine learning to develop their pricing.

Samuel Falmagne, CEO & Co-Founder, AKUR8
Sheri Scott, Principal & Consulting Actuary, Milliman
Anne-Laure Klein, COO – Americas, Akur8

Original Air Date Tuesday, October 5th, 3pm