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Danilo Raponi

Danilo Raponi

Group Head of Innovation, Generali

Danilo is the Group Head of Innovation at Generali, where he is responsible for the Unit in charge of driving and scaling innovation throughout the Group. He is the Managing Director of Generali’s global Innovation Fund, that aims to finance, promote and support the group’s most promising innovation projects across the globe, living the mission of “Innovation everywhere, for everyone”.

Danilo has extensive experience in both Life and Non-Life (Re)Insurance, having held a number of roles in Swiss Re and Hannover Re. He has taught at the University of Zurich and at the University of Frankfurt, and as Insurtech Lead for Ernst & Young in Germany. Danilo has entrepreneurial experience and is an angel investor in a series of startups. Danilo holds a MSc summa cum laude from LUISS University in Rome, an MBA from the Bocconi School of Management, and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.