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Tomas Silva Ebensperger

Tomas Silva Ebensperger

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Grupo In Motion

Tomás is an accomplished professional with a robust background in business economics, which he studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Over the past nine years, he has dedicated himself to the fields of data science, machine learning engineering, and SaaS companies. His extensive experience spans both Chile and the United States, where he completed his high school, university education, and post-university endeavors.

Tomás has a notable history with a startup company, where he spent four years developing and offering machine learning products for go-to-market teams. This role significantly honed his expertise in creating innovative solutions for various business needs.

Currently, Tomás serves as the Chief AI Officer (CAIO) at Grupo In Motion in Santiago, Chile. In this capacity, he leads initiatives that leverage artificial intelligence to drive the company’s technological advancements and strategic goals.

Fluent in Spanish, English, and French, Tomás brings a diverse linguistic and cultural perspective to his professional and personal interactions, enhancing his ability to collaborate effectively in global environments.