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Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly

Former NASA Astronaut & Retired United States Navy Captain

When Captain Scott Kelly became the first American to spend a year in orbit aboard the International Space Station (known around the globe as the “Year in Space”), the world watched as he pushed the limits of human endurance.

In daring to set a new record in spaceflight on his year-long mission, Captain Kelly was backed by a team of thousands of people – an entire ecosystem of dedicated mission specialists working together to extend the boundaries of human endeavors, setting a new precedent for bravery and ingenuity.

It is these mission specialists that allow us to reach the frontier of human potential in every arena – those who dare to dream big can’t do so without others taking on the risk, whether here on planet Earth or in the wide expanse of space. (And yes, insurance has conquered the significant risk of insuring space exploration – with insurance carriers supporting satellites, launch vehicles, in-orbit operations, and more).

Insurers are the mission specialists that mitigate the risks that allow us to advance as a society, whether underwriting the ever-onward push of space exploration (in some cases quite literally for insurance carriers in aerospace and aviation insurance) or tackling more earthly risks. Insurers play a critical role in supporting innovation both here on Earth and out in space – the rocket fuel that allows the bravest explorers and the boldest innovators to shoot for the stars. As we push the boundaries of human exploration ever forward, insurers and insurtechs are called to innovate and chart new territories in risk management and protection.

It is in this spirit of audacity and adaptability that we are thrilled to announce Captain Scott Kelly, former NASA astronaut and retired United States Navy Captain, as our first keynote speaker for ITC Vegas 2024.

As the insurance industry tackles challenges beyond the balance sheet, where societal, environmental, and ethical stakes are as pressing as financial concerns, we look to the inspiration of the cosmos and to fearless risk-takers and explorers like Captain Kelly.

Join us and Captain Scott Kelly live at ITC Vegas 2024 as he shares his insights from his journey to space and how we can harness that same spirit of exploration and adaptation in our quest for new frontiers in insurance.

Captain Scott Kelly is a veteran of four space flights, having piloted Space Shuttle Discover to the Hubble space telescope and subsequently commanded Space Shuttle Endeavour on a mission to the International Space Station.