Women In Leadership Forum: Your Path to the C-Suite Presented by GoGiles & CCC Intelligent Solutions

Date Presented: September 21 2022


With 44 female Chief Executives spearheading America's largest companies, women now run 8.8% of businesses on the 2022 list according to Fortune. If you extend this to the world, women are now moving to 3% of the Fortune 500 leadership population. Do you want to be a part of that change? At ITC Vegas’s Women in Leadership forum, you’ll be connected with like-minded professionals who are committed to driving change that creates a dedicated path for more women in the c-suite. We’re breaking down the four types of barriers that women in leadership aim to contend with: - Structural Barriers - Institutional Mindsets - Individual Mindsets - Lifestyle Choices Don’t miss this opportunity to meet like-minded senior leaders and gain insight into how they overcame barriers to leadership and hear their advice on what it takes to succeed.


Jacqueline Legrand, CEO & Co-Founder
MAPTYCS; Luann Abrams, Founder, CEOX; Rachel Olney, CEO & Founder, Geosite; Sabine VanderLinden, CEO & Co-Founder, Alchemy Crew; Megan Kuczynski, President, ITC Vegas

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