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NEW: Masterclasses

New this year is our ITC masterclasses, which are specialized educational sessions designed to impart advanced strategies, best practices, and visionary concepts, fostering a transformative path towards excellence within the industry.

A Deeper Dive Into Generative AI for Insurance

Tuesday, October 31, 2023
3:00pm – 5:00pm PT
Cost: $200

Presented by: Hugh Terry, CEO, The Digital Insurer
Simon Phipps, Founder, The Digital Insurer
Hugues Bertin, CEO & Founder, Digital Insurance LatAm

In this highly interactive and engaging session hosted by The Digital Insurer (TDI), we will share insights in the rapid emergence of Generative AI and the ways in which it will help boost personal workplace effectiveness as well as offer new ways of engaging with customers.

Your TDI hosts, Hugh Terry and Simon Phipps, will be supported by a panel including Hugues Bertin from Digital Insurance Latam, one insurer who is actively exploring Generative AI and one of the leading tech companies.

The two-hour session will include time for polls and discussions to get the insights and views of participants on this strategically important topic.

About TDI

TDI started in 2012 and is the platform to explore, learn and deliver digital across the insurance industry. Set up by the industry and for the industry, TDI brings independent insights and practical perspectives on the impact of technology on the insurance industry.  TDI Academy provides a comprehensive, modern and unique range of learning programmes for insurers, enabling them to upskill their teams so they can take full advantage of this digital age

Who should attend?

– Insurance leaders who want to understand how Generative AI can be used to transform their businesses
– Insurance leaders who want to learn more about Generative AI so they are more informed about this topic and its impact on insurance

How to Become a “Meta-Leader”: A New Leadership Style for the Digital World

Thursday, November 2
10:30am – 12:30pm PT
Cost: $200

Presented by: Andrea Iorio, Founder, Keynote Speaker & Podcaster

In this 2-hour, hands-on workshop, Andrea shares the traits of what he calls “meta-leadership” in his latest book – a new style of leadership in the digital world. By mapping out what digital technologies can do better than humans today, and which cognitive skills of leaders it substitutes, Andrea promotes a series of group exercises during the workshop to map out which are the necessary steps to promote these new traits in the participants’ companies.

Learning outcomes:
• understand the new critical skills for leaders in the digital age
• learn how to use big data to become customer-centric
• understand the role of new technologies such as AI, edge computing and the metaverse play in the insurance sector
• develop a toolbox to update processes and operations within the company
• create new solutions for the Insurance sector based on new technologies

Mastering the Art of Attracting Investors: Capital Raising Best Practices and Positioning Strategies

Thursday, November 2
1:30pm -2:30pm PT
Cost: $200

Presented by: David Kimmel, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, InsuranceAP
Andrew Sagon, Managing Director, Hudson Structured Capital Management Ltd

Are you attractive to an investor? After years of making a high level of investments, venture capitalists are becoming more selective about where they invest. During this interactive masterclass we will address best capital raising perspectives leading to better capital raising positioning and alternatives; and you will develop a better understanding of capital raising best practices.

Key outcomes:

  • How to best position an insurtech company to achieve capital raining
  • How to evaluate the right group of investors 
  • How insurtech start-ups are valued
  • The market norms for types of security and term sheets

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Venue — Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

ITC Vegas will be held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Tuesday, October 31 – Thursday, November 2, 2023.

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