10 stages, 14 tracks, countless opportunities to learn

2023 Tracks

ITC Vegas 2023 featured 14 curated tracks over two days that guarantee in-depth case studies, momentous conversations, and actionable takeaways across the entire insurance ecosystem. 

Wednesday, November 1

Customer Experience, Retention & Acquisition Track 

Learn to elevate your strategies with personalization and data utilization, amplify customer connections through AI and automation, establish a unified omnichannel experience, leverage technology for lasting relationships, and grasp the emotional core of customer loyalty.  

Join us to revolutionize your approach from good to great and make a lasting impact in the insurtech landscape. 

Key speakers: 

Jamie Hale

CEO & Co-Founder
Ladder Life

Niki Kouri-Maglaras

Chief Digital Officer of International Businesses
Prudential Financial

Rick McCathron

CEO & President

Brent Williams

CEO, President & Founder

Life & Health Track 

  • Gain insights into the future of life insurance products tailored to evolving demographics and lifestyles.
  • Explore the fusion of behavioral science, health, and longevity with personalized tech solutions for enhanced life insurance.  
  • Embrace the power of generative AI in underwriting, shaping a new era for underwriters and customers alike.
  • Dive into the realm of life insurance and employee benefits, addressing the dynamic requirements of a changing workforce.  

Join us to delve into the life and health landscape, where innovation and adaptability converge to redefine the industry’s trajectory. 

Key speakers: 

Brittany Clements

Managing Director
American Family Ventures

Lindsay Hanson

Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Behavioral Insurance, Global Strategy and Delivery
John Hancock

Niki Manby

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Mutual of Omaha

Data & Analytics Track 

Sponsored by Carpe Data

  • Discover the impact of emerging driving data analytics on policyholder pricing for enhanced profitability.  
  • Gain practical insights from major insurers harnessing digital intelligence for real-world success.  
  • Get ready for the data evolution by ensuring your organization is primed to maximize the benefits of analytics and AI investments.  

Join us to explore the potential of data and analytics, where innovation and insights converge, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive business excellence. 

Key speakers: 

Paul Brocklebank

President & CEO
Canal Insurance Company

Mano Mannoochahr

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Brooks Tingle

President & CEO
John Hancock

Distribution Track

  • Trace the evolution of insurance distribution from physical to digital, culminating in the emerging “phygital” approach.
  • Explore the implications of digital distribution platforms on the future of brokers and agents.  
  • Embrace the concept of open insurance to unlock new horizons within distribution.  
  • Dive into the world of distribution partnerships in an era centered around customer needs.  

Join us to gain valuable insights into the dynamics of insurance distribution, where innovation and collaboration come together to shape the future of the industry’s trajectory. 

Key speakers: 

Sasha Sanyal

Global Head of Insurance

Camila Serna

EVP, Head of Digital Acceleration

Roberto Tinoco Pinto

President, Digital Client Solutions

Claims Track

  • Delve into the core of efficient, quality-driven, and compliant claims handling.  
  • Navigate the integration of technology and talent for successful claims transformation.  
  • Leverage partnerships and advanced technology to establish collaborative claims processes. 
  • Learn the ins and outs of claims automation to streamline procedures and speed up cycle times. 

Join us to unravel the pragmatic future of claims management, where innovation and expertise drive concrete results. 

Key speakers: 

Simone Dossetor

Insurtech Australia

Jeanette Hernandez

SVP Global Insurance Services

Hajime Hotta

Cinnamon AI

Michael Saltzman

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Commercial Track

  • Explore the horizon of disruptive technologies and novel business models that will shape the industry’s future.  
  • Uncover groundbreaking approaches to enhance value for commercial clients by revolutionizing risk management and mitigation strategies.  
  • Delve into the art of crafting effective reinsurance plans tailored to counter catastrophic risks. 
  • Learn from past incidents and emerging threats to fortify your preparedness.  

Join us to redefine the landscape of commercial insurance with expertise and foresight. 

Key speakers: 

Guy Goldstein

CEO & Co-Founder
Next Insurance

Aidan Madigan-Curtis

Eclipse Ventures

Trevor Shanklin

Head of Insurance

Jillian Slyfield

Chief Innovation Officer

Thursday, November 2

CoreTech Track (NEW!)

    • Witness the evolution of core systems while achieving remarkable revenue growth.  
    • Embrace a client-centered approach, leaving behind tech debt and entering a new era.  
    • Unlock agility and efficiency with cloud-native insurance core systems.  
    • Uncover the value of modernization by transforming legacy systems using coretech. 

    Key speakers: 

    ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Sastry Durvasula

    Chief Information & Client Services Officer

    Lukasz Strozek

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dan Woods


    ESG Track (NEW!)

      • Explore the ways in which insurance can bolster resilience against the environmental risks posed by climate change.  
      • Discover the pivotal role of ESG principles in fostering a low-carbon economy through strategic investments in a net-zero future.  
      • Uncover how AI can amplify climate resilience, making it smarter and more adaptive.  

      Join us to delve into the ESG realm, where sustainable practices, innovation, and environmental stewardship converge to reshape the insurance industry’s impact on the world. 

      Key speakers: 

      ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

      Colin Beirne

      Founder Partner
      Two Sigma

      Jonathan Gonzalez

      CEO & Co-Founder

      Chris Slater

      CEO & Founder
      Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company

      Motor Track

      • Gain insights into Ford Credit’s distinctive approach to embedded insurance.  
      • Discover strategies to optimize telematics efforts, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential benefits.  
      • Uncover how to revolutionize the auto insurance customer experience by prioritizing engagement as the focal point.  
      • Delve into the realm of telematics for motor insurance customers, empowering drivers with insights and control over their coverage. 

      Key speakers: 

      ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

      Patrick Charles

      Head of North America Insurance

      Jim Drotman

      Executive Vice President Ford Pro FinSimple
      Ford Motor Credit Company

      Brian Specht

      Chief Business Officer

      Judy Stover

      Director of Product Development - Telematics

      Property Track

      • Discover how technology is reshaping property insurance in the era of smart homes.
      • Explore the trajectory of property claims by establishing a connected claims ecosystem for the future.
      • Delve into the role of drones and aerial imagery in property risk assessment and claims handling.
      • Uncover strategies to enhance property insurance products and services, focusing on bolstering resilience against floods.

      Key speakers: 

      ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

      Trevor Burgess

      CEO & President

      Bruce Lucas

      CEO & Founder

      Adam Rimmer

      CEO & Co-founder

      Dave Wechsler

      OMERS Ventures

      Underwriting Track

      • Navigate the complexities of evaluating and pricing emerging risks that deviate from the norm. 
      • Harness the power of pricing analytics and underwriting innovation to uncover new possibilities. 
      • Discover the pivotal role of AI, machine learning, and automation in shaping next-generation underwriting technology.
      • Delve into the realm of cyber underwriting, where assessing cyber risks and securing sufficient coverage are paramount.  
      • Uncover the pursuit of fast and precise data as the ultimate goal in commercial underwriting. 

      Key speakers: 

      ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

      David Mocklow

      EVP - Strategy & Transformation
      MSIG North America

      Claudine Modlin

      SVP - State Insurance Product Management
      OnStar Insurance

      Caroline Thompson

      SVP - Underwriting
      Cowbell Cyber

      Product Development Track

      • Explore the art of optimizing distribution channels for new offerings.  
      • Learn how to expedite product development using technology, ensuring swift market entry. 
      • Gain insights into crafting products that resonate with underrepresented markets, with a unique perspective from Africa. 

      Key speakers: 

      ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

      Christie Horvath

      CEO & Founder

      Bode Pedro

      CEO & Founder

      Sean Ringsted

      Chief Digital Officer

      Darcy Rittinger

      Chief Risk Officer
      Cover Genius

      Innovation in Action Track

      • Dive all the way in and gain pertinent insights into the generative AI revolution and its journey to delivering value in the insurance landscape.
      • Uncover strategies to conquer uncertainty and fuel business growth in the industry.  
      • Explore the realm of ChatGPT and generative AI in insurance – distinguishing reality from hype, envisioning the future, and preparing for it.  
      • Learn the art of crafting strategies for capital acquisition and growth, translating vision into valuation.  
      • Discover how incumbent companies and insurtechs can collaborate to drive growth by building bridges and overcoming recent barriers.  
      • Grasp the significance of digital assets, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs, and their associated risks and opportunities for insurers. 

      Key speakers: 

      ALL A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

      Debbie Brackeen

      Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
      CSAA Insurance Group

      Russell Higginbotham

      Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions

      Adrian Jones

      Insurance Investor

      Venue — Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

      ITC Vegas will be held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Tuesday, October 31 – Thursday, November 2, 2023.

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