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ITC Vegas hosts the insurtech industry’s largest library of content, across the broadest array of insurance industry topics from ESG to cyber, AI to embedded insurance. Ten stages of educational content will keep you energized and ready to tackle your next business challenge.  

Agenda Format Glossary: explore the variety of formats at each ITC Vegas stage.

ITC Format Glossary

Ask Me Anything (AMA): An interactive forum where industry experts field questions from the audience, providing candid insights, advice, and knowledge on insurance innovations, industry challenges, and emerging technologies.

Demo: Live product demonstrations done by startup founders/CEOs. Many will include product launches and exhilarating announcements that are transforming the industry.

Fireside Chat: An informal and conversational discussion format where experts engage in a relaxed dialogue, sharing insights and experiences related to the insurance industry’s challenges, innovations, and future directions.

ITCx Meet-Up Series: A series of networking meet-ups designed for key niche audiences to connect. The ITCx Meet-Up Series will run meet-ups of up to 90 minutes each day in a space designed for both content and networking.

Keynote: A prestigious main-stage session featuring top insurance CEOs, regulators, and innovation visionaries who share their strategic insights and vision for the insurance sector. These sessions serve to inform and inspire industry professionals, offering valuable perspectives on industry trends and innovation.

Masterclass: Specialized educational session designed to impart advanced strategies, best practices, and visionary concepts, fostering a transformative path towards excellence within the industry.

Panel Discussion: A dynamic discussion featuring visionary C-suite leaders in insurance, shaping the industry’s future through innovative strategies and breakthroughs, promising impactful exploration of the insurance landscape’s cutting edge.

Workshop: Immersive open-format working sessions that explore in-depth topics to strengthen the tools needed to shape the future of insurance.




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