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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


The Holy Grail for Commercial Underwriting: Fast, Accurate Data Presented by Insurance Quantified

November 02, 2024

In life there are typically two options: do something fast or do something right. And commercial underwriting is no exception. With the still highly manual and human-centric processes, executing quickly means sacrificing quality and brings extra risk to the business. While executing thoroughly is time intensive and can lead to missed opportunities. What choice do you make in the lose-lose scenario?   Answer: neither. With the introduction of AI and machine learning methodologies, commercial underwriting teams can have the best of both worlds. Join Insurance Quantified and an expert panel of insurers to learn how your peers are harnessing technology to redefine industry standards and expectations for speed and quality of data.

David Mocklow, EVP - Strategy & Transformation - MSIG North America
Ryan Cole, Vice President, Head of Group Innovation - Everest
Suman Palit, Vice President Of Product Management - Groundspeed Analytics