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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


Optimizing Distribution: Navigating Value Chain Dynamics and Partnerships for Success

November 01, 2024
Mandalay Bay Ballroom F

The insurtech landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, reshaping the traditional value chain and presenting unique challenges and opportunities to distribution strategies. This session delves into the critical importance of understanding and addressing varied distribution needs across the value chain. We will explore how each player in the value chain, from insurers to intermediaries, technology providers, and distribution partners must carefully navigate distribution challenges to remain competitive and customer-centric. Moreover, we will emphasize the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in fostering innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, fueling growth, and driving industry transformation. Join us to gain insights, share experiences, and forge pathways toward a more efficient and collaborative insurtech ecosystem.

Bryan Davis, Executive Vice President - VIU by HUB
Frank Malpica, SVP, Global Growth & Operations - Anywhere Real Estate
Rob Schimek, Group CEO - bolttech